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Past programme

Showcases an eclectic range of fresh and interesting contemporary work, largely by emerging

Jukai 樹海

"I came to myself in a dark wood, where the true way was wholly lost" Dante

Tuesday 28 September 2010 - Saturday 16 October 2010

At the base of Mount Fuji lies a stretch of forest known locally as 'The Sea of Trees'. Centuries of secrets lie hidden under the mossy earth, where rivers of lava have hardened over to form the cavernous forest floor. Thousands of people who have entered these woods have never been seen again. Some simply got lost. Others went in intending to disappear…

Theatre Témoin collaborates with Taiko drummers to devise a new piece which incorporates half-mask, contemporary theatre and Japanese traditional music to tell a story about straying from the path.

FAQs: "Jukai" @ Blue Elephant Theatre, London []

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★★★★★Review of Jukai 樹海, by Theatre Temoin []

Review by Amy Yorston [The British Theatre Guide]

Ailin Conant
Lighting Designer
Pablo Fernandez Baz
Costume Designer
Urara Sakurai
Set Designer
Laurence Webb
Dance Choreographer
Bert Roman
Movement Director
Robin Guiver
Fight Choreographer
Ronin Traynor
Devising cast
Nomura Daisuke, Dorie Kinnear, Tomoko Komura, Bradley Wayne Smith & Julia Yevnine
Devising musicians
Ikuyo Conant & Nao Masuda

Mildred Rambaud

Tuesday 28 September 2010 - Saturday 16 October 2010

Lead drawings by Mildred Rambaud


Borough Faces etc.

Tuesday 29 June 2010 - Tuesday 20 July 2010

A member of The Camera Club at Kennington, Philip Ratciff is a local portrait photographer.

Most of the pictures were taken in and around the Borough Market with enthusiastic co-operation of members of Trinity College of Music.


Stairway To Heaven

by Steve Hennessy
Nominated for the Theatre Award: Best Director <Vote Now!>

Tuesday 15 June 2010 - Saturday 10 July 2010
Supported by
the Big Lottery Fund

Cheops’ Pyramid. Egypt. 2,700 B.C.

The biggest, most terrifying and dangerous construction site the world has ever known.

A hundred thousand men will haul two and a half million limestone blocks weighing a total of six million tons up a building the size of a skyscraper using nothing but human muscle.

On his first day working on the pyramid, one young man has to adapt quickly to a new life in a work gang where intense friendships and hatreds are forged in a feverish furnace of desert heat, brutal humour, backbreaking work, horrific accidents, drink, sex and death.

And as the ghosts of dead workmates and visions of Amun Ra the Sun God elbow their way into Makhthon’s dreams, something strange is happening just out of sight, on the higher ledges of the pyramid, where the workers are never allowed.

Where does the stairway really lead?

Steve Hennessy
Chris Loveless
Ann Stiddard
Chris Lince
Omar F. Okai
Renell Shaw
Matt Hall
Michael Brydon
Nicholas Cass-Beggs, James French, James Ronan & Matthew Ward


“Beautifully short at just an hour long, and as far from sex and cynicism in the city that preoccupies most modern plays about men in love, Stairway to Heaven is touching, strange and bravely original”

We see the World through the Prism of our Understanding

Multimedia 2D works, exploring space and the individual experience.
Wednesday 2 June 2010 - Saturday 26 June 2010

An exhibition of work by Jessica Davies.


Spark: London


Monday 7 June 2010 - Friday 11 June 2010

Everyone has a story in them. Extraordinary true stories of life in this fine city told by a specially-selected group of Londoners.


Click to play

A story told by Martin Cullingford


"Britain's first true-storytelling club night"

The Book of Disquiet

by Fernando Pessoa

Thursday 3 June 2010 - Saturday 5 June 2010

Listed as one of The Guardian’s top 100 books of all time, Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet was discovered in a trunk in his apartment in Lisbon after his death in 1935. Part novel, part memoir, part philosophical meditation on the futility of living, Pessoa’s Livro defies definition and endures as a testament to modernist writing.

Have you ever thought how invisible we really are to one another?
How little we really know about each other?
We look but do we really see?
We listen but what we hear is our own voice inside.

The Book of Disquiet

Nicholai La Barrie
Mark O'Thomas
Lighting Designer
Pablo Fernandez Baz
Electronic Composer
Jo Thomas
Dougie Firth
Alex Clarke, Charlotte Gallagher, Nicholas Caesar & Polly Lister.


Dance & Theatre (Double-bill)

Tuesday 11 May 2010 - Saturday 29 May 2010

Modern Romance

Sebastian Rex Dance Group

A full-length contemporary dance piece examining gender politics and the effect of the re-definition of identity on our modern interpretations of love and romance. With a soundtrack buzzing with songs from the Noughties.


Acting Like Mad

A very short play about commodities. This dark comedy asks a very simple question – if celebrities sell themselves to the public – who owns them?

Writer/ Director/ Choreographer
Sebastian Rex (Awarded a Peggy Ramsey Foundation grant in 2010)
Helena O'Nions
Lighting Designer
Claire Childs
Tina Engström
Lisa Bender, Kate Chisholm, Matthew Crouzières, Lisette Foster, Ido Gonen, Christopher Hall, Jo Sadler-Lovett


“Subtle satire and hilarious script”
“It's handsomely choreographed and there's a sly sense of humour at work here.” TIMEOUT CRITICS' CHOICE


by Lazarus Theatre Company

Tuesday 13 April 2010 - Saturday 8 May 2010

WINNER: 'Best Fringe or Regional Play' Broadway World UK Awards 2010

A sweeping and dramatic production of Shakespeare's classic story of love, betrayal and jealousy - using text, movement and music with an ensemble cast of fourteen.
Directed and Designed by
Ricky Dukes
Design by
Tom Couling
Movement by
Ria Whitton and Ricky Dukes
Music and Sound Design by
Sebastian Willan
Lighting by
Heather Doole
Costume Design by
Nicki Martin-Harper
Production Image by
Liam Welton
Anita Constantine, Sam Donnelly, Carsten Garbode, Nicole Hartley, Robin Holden, Kathryn Levell, Elana Martin, Amelia Newbould, Alec Parkinson, Evan Regueira, Daniel Souter, Guy Warren-Thomas, Zoe Wellman & Leanne Westbury


"A very beautiful and unusual production, and well worth seeing".

More of Venice

Exploring this magical city
Tuesday 13 April 2010 - Saturday 8 May 2010

Photographs of Venice by Tina Engström

Watercolours of Venice by Bianca Marsden


Nobody's Home

A Modern Odyssey by Theatre Temoin

Tuesday 16 March 2010 - Saturday 20 March 2010

Turbulent storms and fantastical monsters stalk Ulysses at every port; what should be a joyous voyage — his homecoming — becomes a nightmare more torturous than the war he is returning from.

A modern and highly physical retelling of The Odyssey,painting a dreamscape of post-war trauma through the story of a combat veteran fighting a psychological battle to get “home.”

Nobodies Home’ had a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2011.

Directed by
Ailin Conant
Photograph by
Jet Sun
Dorie Kinnear & Will Pinchin


'A hugely inventive and compelling piece, which both entertains and shows the true horrors of war.'
Thom Dibdin

The Stage

'Breathtaking...Great imagination...magical...touching and deep.' Fleur Poad

Fringe Report


Writers at Work


Rehearsed readings by the writers and directors of tomorrow

Tuesday 9 March 2010

  • 74a Station Road

    by Andy Brunskill

    Tough Theatre Company

    Frank, Pete, Amy and Aidan share a flat. Aidan rules the house with bullying and macho bravura. What starts out as a practical joke on Frank escalates into something a lot worse, taking a violent turn. Frank begins to lose his grip on reality. Aidan feels his power slipping. Things get messy.

    A dark new play exploring the violence underneath how people relate in a close environment.




Tuesday 2 March 2010

A showcase of excerpts and short works-in-progress of new material from London's most exciting artists. Physical theatre, clowning, storytelling, dance: a Blue Elephant season in one evening!


Set in a typical London street scene where a dancer, a BMX rider and a busker engage in a humorous battle. This is a cocktail of physical prowess and explosive movement: a grotesque take on an everyday life situation and a tongue-in-cheek attempt to involve the audience in a quirky and daring performance.

  • Choreography: Etta Ermini
  • Cast: Sam Alty (music), Salvador Brown (BMX), Antoine Marc (dance)

The Man Who Wasn't There
When a person is alone they remember, rightly or wrongly, the things that have happened in their life from their own point of view. These things become distorted over time when they are repeated over and over and re-remembered slightly differently each time. Using circus skills and puppetry, The Man Who Wasn't There deals with the ideas of memory and loneliness.

The Bell Jar

Award-winning Theatre Ad Infinitum cracks open The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath’s tale of a tormented woman whose search for identity becomes a descent into madness. One woman uses the rich nuances of her unique voice and a distilled style of physical performance to weave together this story of pain, beauty and unceasing internal conflict. Lecoq-trained Ad Infinitum experiments with a fusion of physical theatre, classical storytelling and a completely original score, giving an unforgettable form to this poetic waltz with death.

"Theatre Ad Infinitum have moved to the front of the pack, their vivid mix of theatre clowning and storytelling gaining them critical acclaim" The Guardian

Kassia: The Love Story of a Byzantine Abbess

Monooka (Shadow Theatre Performance)
"Love is the bittershadowed pomegranate that flowers in a woman’s soul, watered by faith, nourished by poetry. It bears fruit, and weeps tears of blood red music. Where the Bosphorus runs red with its sweet, sweet juice, the stars burn in the city’s waters and its gardens sing forth fruit. And the shadow of that woman, whose name is Kassia, chanted through time, exults."

  • Storyteller/director: Leon Conrad

Danger Waters

…somebody went to fetch water and when she was about to enter the house the pot broke.

Danger Waters is a new exploration of ideas, performed by Rachel Drazek and directed by Rachel Bagshaw. Driven by the uncertainties which face pregnant women across the globe, the piece highlights some of the needless risks and preventable fears many women face simply for being women; breeding women. Inspired by personal support for the charity the White Ribbon Alliance, Danger Waters hopes to bring humanity and heart to these stories of our partly forgotten mothers: those lost, unlikely and expectant.
The White Ribbon Alliance


Florencia Guerberof
"…I want no secrets, no spiritual condition, nothing ineffable; I am neither a virgin nor a priest, to play at having an inner life. " Jean-Paul Sartre



by Molina Dance Theatre

Thursday 25 February 2010 - Saturday 27 February 2010
Part-funded by
the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Alto Adige, Italy

A dynamic performance intertwining dance, live singing and physical theatre to depict the dramatic yet highly human experience of living with schizophrenia.

As there is so little information - and so many misconceptions - about this mental condition, the show hopes to promote a better understanding of the main traits of schizophrenia and to raise public awareness of people’s struggle with the condition.

Elena Molinaro
Laura Brera, Chiara De Palo, Krista Vuori, Paris Wade
Tomas Liriel
Text by
Debbie Kent, Elena Molinaro and Charlie Meyrick


"For dance audiences it [the Blue Elephant] can be an intense experience - especially if you're used to studying abstract geometry from the heights of the upper circle. These are real, powerful, bodies, right in front of you, complete with flesh, discernible faces and flying beads of sweat."