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The Conversation


Wednesday 8 November 2017

The Conversation is a performance which explores the topic of consent. Lauren considers the language of consent and how we talk about it, or, how we do not talk about it.

Don’t worry, she’s not looking to shock you and she’s definitely not angry at you. She just wants to impress you.

Lauren attempts to create a safe space where you feel relaxed and invited to enjoy yourself with the help of her hosting. All of this is for you, and she won’t let you forget it. She’s pulling out all the stops on this special night. She’s setting herself high expectations, and she may fail to meet them. You may feel the urge to leave, and you are welcome to, whenever you want.

But oh baby, please don’t go, she just wants you to stay.

Age restriction 15+


★★★★ “Burch is a charming personality and more than capable of enrapturing an audience for an hour”

The Spy in the Stalls

Created by
Lauren Aimee Burch