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Casa and Magical Chairs

Thursday 19 May 2011 - Saturday 21 May 2011


A theatrical dance piece with elements of structured improvisation, a collage of still images and stylized sketches inspired from typical everyday life situations.

Big heavy coats come to life... Characters go through individual journeys... Sense of belonging and what makes a place home are questioned...

Magical Chairs

"There are an estimated 143 million abandoned chairs worldwide. Many millions more are abandoned or separated from their immediate and extended owners, living on the street, in institutions, or supporting their siblings on their own..."

A short play about childhood, magic tricks and musical chairs brings you a game of the absurdist kind, with realistic undertones and dystopic nuances. Can you take it seriously? Can you enjoy it?

Casa Choreographer
Annarita Mazzilli
Casa Composer & Cellist
Anna Scott
Magical Chairs Writer
Mary Mazzilli
Magical Chairs Director
Christopher O'Donnell
Magical Chairs Sound Designer
Simon McCabe
Costume Designer
Orietta Araya
Magical chairs cast
Rebecca Kenny, Gareth Murphy & Lotan Sapir
Casa cast
Clare Brzezicki, Ester Escolano, Nacho Garoz, Chloe Hall-Smith, Arwen Hobday, Annarita Mazzilli, Donovan Morris, Katja Nyqvist & Irène Wernli