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Barbe Bleue

By Theatre Temoin

Wednesday 1 June 2011 - Saturday 4 June 2011

Bluebeard had many wives, in succession, and killed every one. Can Louise turn the tide, or will she too fall victim to Perrault's notorious killer?

The setting: a London artist's studio flat. The time: very early in the morning... Or is it very late at night? Louise is sleeplessly searching for inspiration, until her work is interrupted by the arrival of a surprising visitor. Theatre Témoin uses puppetry, clowning, and original music to take you on a journey through urban isolation and psychosis to unlock the forbidden chamber of the creative mind.

A reworking of Barbe Blue has been given a full production at The Blue Elephant Theatre from Tuesday 28 February - Saturday 17 March under the new title of The Fantasist.

Ailin Conant
Devising cast
Julia Corrêa, Catherine Gerrard & Julia Yevnine
Puppet Maker/Director
Katerina Damvoglou
Set/Costume Design
Suneeda Maruthiyil
Lighting Design
Allan Ramsay
Furniture Design
Daniel Moss