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A Working Title (Work in Progress Performance)

Original Impact Theatre Company

Tuesday 12 April 2016

It's about living in The City in a generation of renters, tinder swipers, never-left-the-nesters, budget shoppers, internshipers, over-the-recommended-daily-allowance-drinkers, minimum wage workers, sofa surfers and day dreamers.

It's about how disappointed your spotty sixteen year old self would be by their future life, dominated by Netflix, no money and sharing a shower with eight strangers.

It's about turning 25 and not having your shit together.

It's about people. Six people, and the little snippets that make up a day in their lives. Explored with a jaunty live soundtrack, poetry, dancing and silly voices.

A Working Title is presented as a work in progress and is recommended for ages 14+

Written by
Megan Jenkins