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Wine World Map: Northern Hemisphere

Thursday 6 November 2014 - Sunday 16 November 2014

Joe Stevens, artist.

"The origin of my current creative practice is a work called Wine Games from 2007, which was a sculptural assemblage of Wine Gums laid out in an algorithm-derived pattern on a chequerboard floor. This was the catalyst for further works resulting from and inspired by the work. Wine Games used an algorithm to generate information that was then used as the raw material for further activity, with the different Wine Gums colours indicating a direction on the grid floor. By using an algorithm with the methodology of the grid I am able to redirect creative endeavour into this focused and autonomous structure to generate a perpetual guidance system that dictates this structure for each new context that I explore.

Wine World is shorthand for Wine Games: World, which is in itself an extension of the original Wine Games concept. The ultimate goal of Wine World is to play the game on a global scale and, like the mythical Phoenix with five colours that symbolize the five virtues; the chosen colour scheme can be interpreted on the level of symbolism: black for contentment, red love, green humility, orange compassion and yellow truth."

The exhibition can be seen before and after dates where there is a show, typically Tuesday to Saturday, but please check in advance. Appointments to see the exhibition during the day, Monday to Friday, must be made prior to visiting as we cannot guarantee access to the space on a walk in basis.