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Where the Hell is Bernard?


Tuesday 10 July 2018

Set in an office high above the city in a strange imagined future, Where the Hell is Bernard? sees four women hard at work. Their sole job is to anonymously return lost items. Everything runs like clockwork under a strict regime, until one day a box of returned objects mysteriously bounces back, leading to a mission that could change the future of humanity.
Mixing magical visuals, movement, live song and clown, award winning Haste Theatre create a darkly comic warning for the future.

Previous Praise of Haste Theatre:

"Haste Theatre’s earnest production brims with boundless creative energy and a clear vision that makes...a thoroughly delightful piece suitable for all ages, impressing with their keen sense of the theatrical and set in a timeless world.” Bakchormeeboy

"Haste are a company who don’t act without thinking, and the results are clear in the theatre that they produce." Culturised

Haste Theatre, Paul Freeman: Sound Designer, Katrin Padel: Lighting Designer, Ally Cologna: Associate Director, Georgia De Grey: Set Designer, Olivia Gray: Songwriter.