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Welcome Goodbye/Adeus Obrigada - Flatland

by Patrícia Portela

Bringing together Portuguese visual artists and companies that share references to tourism, migration and new geographies.

Wednesday 10 May 2006 - Saturday 13 May 2006
Supported by
the Calouste Gulbenkian

The tragic story of a two-dimensional man who realises his life lacks a third dimension. He discovers that, through film and theatre, his existence in the three-dimensional world is possible so long as there are spectators to watch.
Happy with the discovery but unhappy with the dependency, Flatman organizes a strategy to try and conquer this…

A multimedia performance where moving text is projected and voiced so that it can be read, heard and watched as the story unfolds.

A collaboration with
Christoph de Boeck, Anton Skrzypiciel, Irmã Lucia & Helder Cardoso.