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Uncle Barry

by Grey Light Productions

"Every man has a potential moustache. It's just that I've embraced the potential"

A new comedy by Cameron Mackintosh Award-winning writer Sam Thomas

Tuesday 2 October 2007 - Saturday 20 October 2007
Supported by
Unity Theatre Trust

Barry is unemployed & angry at the goings-on at the Neighbourhood Watch. This time he thinks he has the answer. Barry has decided to set up his own state. In a pathetic attempt at living-room nation-building, Barry enlists the help of his best friend Mickey and his nephew Pecks, who is brought in to oversee matters of national security. With no idea what they're doing, and no future thought beyond the opening ceremony, this three-man attempt at democracy results in flags being made, anthems being sung and life-long friendships being tested…

"We - Michael Jeremy Davis and Barry NoMiddleName Parfitt - I'm not going to tell you what will happen. But what I will say is this: I've hired a heavy"

Directed by
Georgina Guy
Designed by
Hilary Statts
Lighting by
Martin Ellsmore
Lee Bane, Philip Brook, Audrey Leybourne & Matthew Ward


"Well-crafted study in male incompetence" The Stage