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An evening of excerpts and short works-in-progress by London’s most exciting new artists.

Friday 20 February 2009


Tal Jakubowiczova

Spring is known to be the first season, but we all know it comes after winter. This physical piece shows a woman between hopes struggling her way to spring.


Aaron Paterson

Miss Havisham locks away her life and love in a house that is as grim and dismal as herself. Within this sanctuary and prison, Miss Havisham stagnates in memories as an eternal bride. In Havisham, Dickens’s heroine collides with her modern counterpart: Aaron Havisham. Aaron chains his love life to his untrustworthy laptop, which is as erratic and frustrated as himself. Taking sanctuary online, Aaron stagnates in cyber hopes and virtual dreams of every potential wedding. Justification for, and clarification of, the connection between adoration and isolation are sought and debated upon in the vocalised internal monologues of these two overlapping characters. Miss Havisham is a warning to a modern isolationist waiting to begin living life.

(In) Formalities

Silversmith Dance Theatre

Fanfares. Marches. Anthems. Speeches.

Combining innovatively expressive movement with live trumpet players - and a bunch of quirky characters - this comical piece explores formal events, and the aftermath of when nothing goes to plan!

I Am Nesia

Rosie Wilby

The 2006 Funny Women Finalist presents an excerpt from her 2008 Edinburgh Fringe show. This investigation into the human memory manages to combine spoof Greek mythology, games and beginner's neuroscience.

"A talented performer with a winning self-deprecating personality" Evening Standard

She's My Lady Bits

Sylvia Ferreira Dance Company

  • Director/Choreographer: Sylvia Dos Santos Ferreira
  • Dancers: Vanessa Abreu, Alex Hemsley, Rosie Pearman, Fiona Smith & Lorraine Smith
  • Costume: Seema Iqbal
  • Sound Designer: Dan Potter

An Ornery Tale

Shady Dolls

Fascinated with the grotesque, and employing a keen sense of the perverse, Shady Dolls conjure a world of distorted images: of femininity, of history, of lullabies and legends…

An Ornery Tale takes place both on and behind the stage of the kind of Victorian Music Hall which is rarely found today, and details the plight of sisters Minnie, Ruby and Constance Hately, who found fame and notoriety upon it.