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Toy Boy and Living With...

by Acting Like Mad

A thought-provoking evening that questions the things we know, and the things we'd rather not know.

Tuesday 11 November 2008 - Saturday 29 November 2008
Supported by
The Spiro Ark

ACTING LIKE MAD is a young, London-based theatre company, which seeks to challenge theatrical form and content. The themes present in their productions aim to explore dramatic writing and test their audiences' perceptions of theatre. They aim to seek new ways of channelling the skill of acting.

Toy Boy

In Toy Boy we enter a world of cynics who use and abuse; and those who obey. Can real love still grow in such a dog-eat-dog world?

Living With…

Living With… tells the story of a man forced to move into a new flat with three hedonistic beings who torture him and each other. Will he be able to overcome his demons and learn to live with them, or will they beat the life out of him?

Writer / Director
Sebastian Rex (Awarded a Peggy Ramsey Foundation grant in 2010)
Annalisa Andriani
Emma-Rachel Blackman, Ido Gonen, Ben Kettner, Stacey Lamb, Elizabeth Pinnock, Tom Radford, Elena Rossi


‘In a society where illusions often replace the essence of the human being, Toy Boy and Living With… are a challenge – they are down to earth, nitty gritty reality.’