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A real life story of paralysis captured through puppetry and performance.

Tuesday 22 February 2011 - Saturday 12 March 2011

Three shows, three critically-acclaimed offerings: since 2005 Sketty Productions have been using original puppetry to fuel their physical approach in creating emotive drama.

The work produced has been praised as extraordinary, innovative, beautiful and intelligent, and as much dynamic as it is deeply moving.

Taken from the true story of Tom Nabarro and his partner Ellen, this latest piece explores the lives of an inspiring young couple prevailing over apparent tragedy. What has been discovered is a story of astounding determination, unique love, hope...And laughter.

Toby Clarke
Lighting Designer
Joshua Pharo
Alex Clarke (Nominated: Best Actor, The Offies 2011), Amelia De-Felice, Adam Langstaff, Hattie Thomas & Emily Wallis (Nominated: Best Actress, The Offies 2011)


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