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The title of the drama about Ante is written here

by Ivor Martinic

English language world premiere

Tuesday 22 September 2009 - Saturday 10 October 2009

1,280 children were wounded during the Croatian War of Independence. Written in a playfully dramatic style and based on a true story, The title of the drama About Ante is Written Here tells of one such child.

Ante turns twelve today. Less than a year old when a missile killed his mother, can he grow up to forget the past or will his country's history scar him forever?

Ljubica: Ante lives with his father. They have this strong bond.

Neighbour: Happy together, sad together. They live together one day at a time. No one new ever enters their little world.

Jela: Till one day.

Neighbour: Till today.

The title of the drama about Ante is Written Here was the winner of the Fabrique en Croatie Award from REZ, the Croatian association for the promotion of culture and art, and its author was the youngest recipient of the Marin Drzic Award from the Croatian Ministry of Culture in 2005.

Directed by
Rebecca Tortora
Costume design
Clio Brown
Lighting Design
Pablo Fernandez Baz
Sound Design
Dinah Mullen
Naomi Bullock, Marko Cindric, Maggie Daniels, Nadja Mitidiero & Daniel Simpson


‘Original, sharp and charming’