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Stairway To Heaven

by Steve Hennessy
Nominated for the Theatre Award: Best Director <Vote Now!>

Tuesday 15 June 2010 - Saturday 10 July 2010
Supported by
the Big Lottery Fund

Cheops’ Pyramid. Egypt. 2,700 B.C.

The biggest, most terrifying and dangerous construction site the world has ever known.

A hundred thousand men will haul two and a half million limestone blocks weighing a total of six million tons up a building the size of a skyscraper using nothing but human muscle.

On his first day working on the pyramid, one young man has to adapt quickly to a new life in a work gang where intense friendships and hatreds are forged in a feverish furnace of desert heat, brutal humour, backbreaking work, horrific accidents, drink, sex and death.

And as the ghosts of dead workmates and visions of Amun Ra the Sun God elbow their way into Makhthon’s dreams, something strange is happening just out of sight, on the higher ledges of the pyramid, where the workers are never allowed.

Where does the stairway really lead?

Steve Hennessy
Chris Loveless
Ann Stiddard
Chris Lince
Omar F. Okai
Renell Shaw
Matt Hall
Michael Brydon
Nicholas Cass-Beggs, James French, James Ronan & Matthew Ward


“Beautifully short at just an hour long, and as far from sex and cynicism in the city that preoccupies most modern plays about men in love, Stairway to Heaven is touching, strange and bravely original”