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The Sound

By Merco Productions

Tuesday 16 June 2009 - Saturday 11 July 2009

In an army barracks somewhere in remotest Europe, five people spend all day, every day, guarding a spot. They know nothing else. But as they each become convinced that they can hear a sound coming from somewhere near the barracks, their rigid, routine-filled lives slowly begin to fall apart.

The Sound is a searching examination of existence and fear.

Written by
David Mercatali
Directed by
Sebastian Rex (Awarded a Peggy Ramsey Foundation grant in 2010)
General Management By
Supporting Wall
Claire Winfield
Lighting Designer
Sam Smallman
Alistair Brooks, Alexander Gatehouse, Robin Kirwan, James Scott & Emily Sills


"New writer David Mercatali is clearly one to watch" - Time Out