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The Son of Heaven, the Servant of God & the Map of the World

by Tattooed Potato

Tuesday 11 November 2014 - Saturday 15 November 2014

“You may travel about while reclining at ease, and scan the countries of the world without going out of doors.”

Beijing, 1582. An Italian Jesuit presents the Emperor of China with a map as tall as a man and twice as wide, one of the first ever to show the whole world, old and new, East and West.

Anticipating the internet by four hundred years, two men -- one thousands of miles from home, the other in a palace he would never leave – survey the world without taking a step. A journey through memory and imagination to discover whether home is a place or something we carry within ourselves.

A work-in-progress production by Tattooed Potato.

“Intriguing… packed full of daring approaches, strong acting and bold imagery”
★★★★ Views from the Gods on Tattooed Potato’s The Nightmare Dreamer


"There's an exuberance that comes entirely naturally with whatever the group are doing that's frankly infectious...I've no doubt this could be another triumph for the delightfully idiosyncratic team"

Views from the Gods

"Combining physical theatre, shadowplay and drama the cast tells an intriguing story...I am looking forward to the full production."

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