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The Soldier With No Name

Celebrating the lives of Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore

Tuesday 24 February 2009 - Saturday 14 March 2009

The Soldier With No Name is based on the story of French surrealists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore - two female artists in a male-dominated world - and their resistance campaign against the Nazis in occupied Jersey.

Told through puppetry, dance, physical theatre and storytelling, the piece explores our ideas of identity and the relationship between art and socio-political change.

The Winged Cranes was created by Alle Valle in 2007 to explore themes related to identity and the relationship between art and social political change through the use of puppetry and physical theatre. TWC wants to open borders in society, through the stories of people, places and time. It is an open company that wants to work on specific projects with other artists through collaboration and mutual understanding.

Alle Valle
Raquel Mateos, Dajana Trtanj & Alle Valle
Visual Designer
Hyper VJ
Jeni Roddy
Lighting Designer
Chris Lince
Sound Designer
Kelly Lovelady
Photographic Designer
Pilar Ferre


"Dynamic and wholehearted, this work succeeds in giving a sense of the playful inversion that was the cradle of surrealist performance and thought"