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So It Goes

Wednesday 13 November 2013 - Saturday 16 November 2013

A wry, touching and visually poetic new play about bereavement.

Hannah’s father died of cancer when she was seventeen and in the seven years since, she hasn't talked about it much. Here she opens up, in a new show about memory, absence, bereavement...and how hard it is to talk about death.

On the Run are fascinated by the silence which death provokes, by the way grief creeps into our everyday lives and affects us even years after a death.

David Ralfe, co-creator of Machines For Living at Blue Elephant in 2012, and Hannah Moss return to the theatre following sold-out scratch performances of So It Goes in June.

So It Goes is a work-in-progress performance and feedback will be welcomed after each show.

Praise for Machines For Living:

“A terrifically directed, stylish piece” The Stage

“Glittering and sharp... brave new theatre” Edinburgh Guide

Devising cast:
Hannah Moss & David Ralfe