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Shall I Kill Mama

by Marysal Productions

A bitter-sweet comedy by Trevor Thomas

Tuesday 11 September 2007 - Saturday 29 September 2007
Post show discussions
Chaired by psychotherapist Jadzia Kopiel

- I’m dying Bunter. Just a matter of when.
- What makes you think God’s ready for you yet?
- He’s ready. Told Him I’m coming.
- You told God?
- Yep, and He told me to call you.

Mama may be frail but she’s also feisty. Who will win this mother of all battles?

"A Mama wants to die. She needs her son’s help. He should help, plain and simple. It’s his duty. What’s all this about motivation? I wanted a son, I get Hamlet…"

Trevor Thomas
Anton Phillips
Paul Micah
Lavern Archer & Victor Romero Evans


"Thomas provides a well-wrought drama; Archer crowns it with a star turn"