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Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Tuesday 13 October 2009 - Saturday 7 November 2009

Lazarus presents Shakespeare’s political and bloody thriller set in modern day Italy where sex, lust and passion rule a dictatorship destined for disaster. Corruption, sex and violence drive Caesar, the supreme power force, to lose sight of those closest to him who finally lead to his undoing and the ultimate betrayal. Through the use of text, movement and music, the large ensemble recreates Italian life, fashion and glory at the centre of populist government in a modern, slick and sexual adaptation.

Directed by
Ricky Dukes
Movement direction by
Tim McFarland & Ricky Dukes
Music by
Sebastian Willan
Lighting design by
Heather Doole
Sound design by
Liam Welton
Sophie Ash, Errol Clayton, Christopher Eastwood, Jamie Hannon, Robin Holden, Elana Martin, Trevor Murphy, Lukas Raphael, Steven Rodgers, Andrew Root, Kyle Ross, Lars Van Riesen, Matthew Wade and Anna-Marlene Wirtz


‘A very interesting and valid production, reduced to the essence of the narrative and presented in a slick and sensitive way’