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Tuesday 29 October 2013 - Saturday 2 November 2013
Post-show discussion:
Thursday 31 October

When you stop being a child…what are you?

How do find your place in life – or even just in your group of friends? When do your feet stop growing? And who decides all these things?

These questions – and many more – are explored by five dancers in Nutshell Dance’s new work Retrospective.

Retrospective deals with topics of adolescence – unknown emotions, budding sexuality, insecurities and unfamiliar identities. Choreographer Mari Frogner explores these topics from a very personal place, combining her Scandinavian point of view with her current perspective as a choreographer working in a world where female voices are scarce.


'The harmony between the dancers is evident and overall creates a beautiful show.'

Dulwich on View

Mari Frogner
Oli Newman
Antonello Apicella, Hannah Cameron, Sarah Hitch, Jenny Reeves & Harriet Waghorn

Supported by

  • Arts Council England
  • University of Roehampton
  • Norweigen Embassy
  • Gane Trust
  • Wansworth Arts Grant