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Manipur is in north eastern India and its remoteness has ensured that Manipuri Dance has, until now, remained relatively untouched by Western influences and other traditional Indian forms.

Thursday 21 September 2006 - Saturday 23 September 2006

Anwesha Ahmed Company’s project to redefine Manipuri dance in the light of the contemporary world began what was to become a radical process. The title of the piece, Plasmas, is inspired by the notion of the stripping of electrons from atoms to create free-flowing Plasmas –the fourth state of matter.

Five dancers present this journey accompanied by a specially commissioned score, which combines live and improvised music. The instrumentation includes the sarangi, the kartal (played by one of the dancers) as well as the violin and congas.

Catriona Johnson, Rachel Landers, Miia Laiho & Anwesha Ahmed
Kirit Singh (sarangi), Olmo Cassibba (Conga) & Will Street (Violin)
Choreography & Artistic Direction
Anwesha Ahmed
Music Direction
Will Street
Costume Design
Hannah Lenim & Anwesha Ahmed


"The performers are all impressively accomplished and focused, as Anwesha Ahmed's choreography tosses them through aggression, playfulness and contemplation. Anwesha Ahmed steals the show with her seemingly effortless, delicately-controlled movements - demonstrating how expressive and graceful her dance-form can be"