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Paint Over

by Antonio Ribeiro

A modern farce about the world of spin.

Wednesday 13 April 2005 - Saturday 7 May 2005
Supported by
The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

John Riggs is the best spin doctor in town. He runs an established PR firm, working with clients to make them 'beautiful' using any means necessary and at any cost.

In a world where the truth is the least relevant part of the equation, Riggs looks after the image and popularity credentials of a number of public figures, exposing the manipulation, greed and thirst for power in a game where money does the talking.

However, beneath the gloss, cracks start to appear. Unable to spin himself out of a web of deceit, Riggs is confronted with the truth he has so ingeniously hidden from his wife, friends and mother-in-law...

Directed by
David Mercatali
Props & Costumes
Jade Moore
Lighting Designer
Babatunde Disu
Theresa Aldridge, Geoff Aymer, Tunde Disu, Ida Goldapple, Vanessa Jane Gray, Matthew Hendrickson & Harold Saks


"Contagiously energetic and delightfully absurd"