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Not Knowing Who We Are

by The Ugly Tree

Tuesday 12 June 2007 - Saturday 30 June 2007

A man sets out to learn the art of conversation. A girl sets out to find her father. A mother has a box with two keys. Kevin has a spare room and a photograph no-one wants to see…

Preoccupied with books and photographs and talking only to himself and his imaginary wife, a man sets out to learn the art of conversation. He stumbles upon relationships built on lies and deceit where his odd behaviour gives rise to prejudice and accusations. When his brother comes to the rescue, truths emerge and a claustrophobic world is broken apart.

Maggie Drury
Toria Banks
Chris Gylee
Lighting Designer
Natalie Jones
Raymond Coker, Richard De Lisle, Mark Jeary, Richard Roberts, Nina Smith & Liv Spencer


"An intriguing piece of theatre" Time Out