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Mervyn Peake 1911-1968: Centenary Celebrations


Tuesday 26 April 2011 - Thursday 28 April 2011
Tickets are FREE but must be reserved in advance to guarantee entrance. Book tickets

The Blue Elephant marks Mervyn Peake's centenary year with a mini-festival of his plays and poetry celebrating his diversity as a writer. Following our world premiere of The Cave last year, we discover once again that Peake's imagination and inspiration extended far beyond Gormenghast...

Tuesday 26 April: Rehearsed reading of Noah's Ark

Intended for children, Peake’s unmistakable prose makes his behind-the-scenes account of this well-known biblical story just as engaging for adult audiences. Originally aired on BBC radio, this charming play is long overdue a theatrical staging.

Noah's Ark was given a full production at the Blue Elephant Theatre for Christmas 2011.

Wednesday 27 April: Rehearsed reading of Mr Loftus or And a Horse of Air

The dust in his room is ankle deep yet Mr Loftus still insists on being served tea and brandy by his butler. With an eccentric anti-hero whose manners are decidedly ungentlemanly, this previously unseen play is Peake's distinctive take on the comedy of manners.

"Mad? Did you say mad? I have gone sane. That's much more difficult."

Thursday 28 April: The Poems of Peake

An evening of Peake's poetry read, staged and interpreted by a range of artists. With a post-performance Q&A with the writer's son Sebastian Peake.

Festival Director
Aaron Paterson
Associate director
Mhairi Grealis
Lighting designer
Claire Childs
Ewen Moore
Ashley Alymann, Jaclyn Bradley, Christian Devellerez, Laurence Dobiesz, Matthew Haigh, Cassandra Hodges, Nic Lamont, Adam Langstaff, Alexis Leighton, Martina Moss-Clarke, Louise Mai Newberry, Andrew Phipps, Mark Smedley, Ceridwen Smith, Denholm George Spurr, James Stanyer, Gil Sutherland, Emily Wallis