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Memories of Three


Thursday 15 November 2007 - Saturday 17 November 2007

In a Place of Uncertainty

  • Choreography: Chris Clow
  • Performers: Lauren Aizlewood, Andrej Gubanov & Minami Tamagawa
  • Music: Oli Newman

What happens to the world around you, when someone you love becomes a distant memory? In this beautifully crafted trio, three stories are told through an innovative work that blends dance, music, film & lighting.

Human Echo

  • Choreography: Maria Korsnes
  • Music: Rob Colquhoun
  • Lighting: Gregor Knuppel

An atmospheric study of home, of memories of a visual landscape & thoughts about the environment we now find ourselves in. Drawing on personal memories and experiences alike, layers of textures and moods are presented to the viewer by moments of stillness and thought.

Somewhere Between a Self and An Other

  • Choreography: Hagit Yakira
  • Performers: Yarit Dor & Hagit Yakira
  • Lighting: Hagit Yakira
  • Costume Design: Ruggiero Desantis
    • This is a performance based on a lengthy experiment which combined self exploration and movement research with aspects of Lacan's post modern theory on self identity. The work explores inter-personal relationships in a Lacanian context (amongst other post modernists) and discusses how relationships of oneself with an other and oneself with his own memory (memories), influence our individual search for identity.


"A contemporary dance treat"