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The Lonely Room

Photograph by Kasia Rucinska & Andrzej Strzalowski

Wednesday 29 October 2014 - Friday 31 October 2014

Time has stopped.

They wait.
And wait…
and wait ...
and wait.

They wait, surrounded by nothingness and the empty loneliness of their existence. Occasionally, they catch a glimpse of hopeful change and move beyond their fears. But as quickly as it comes, it goes...

The Lonely Room is an enchanting mime duet by Eloise Carles and Flavia Bertram telling the story of two women trapped in the in-between of life. This story is inspired by our inner passive dreamers. We all know them: they articulate their desires, but take no real action towards fulfilling their imagined adventures. Through the language of corporeal mime and dance set to an atmospheric score, the duo create a timeless world of fears, anxieties, dreams and - most importantly - hope.

The Lonely Room is presented as is a work-in-progress. Eloise and Flavia intend to take it to Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 and showcase the project internationally.

There will be a chance for questions and answers after the show.


"The Lonely Room held a mystical and entrancing spell throughout the entirety of it, combing the art of mime, music, the expressional range of the face and body all with nothing more than two bodies and seven chairs"

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Devising cast
Flavia Bertram
Devising cast
Eloise Carles
Michael Neo

Supported by

  • Arts Council England