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The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure

Photograph by Alex Brenner

Tuesday 21 May 2013 - Saturday 25 May 2013
Post-show discussion:
Thursday 23 May

Let’s get one thing straight: Cervantes would never have let this happen.

Inspired by the wanderings of the famous Don Quixote, two Spaniards and an Englishman re-enact the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age.

Their mammoth task would be easier if any of the following were true: they’d read the book, had enough actors or heeded the warnings of Terry Gilliam.

Instead, Little Soldier returns to Blue Elephant to present an imaginative and provocative adventure of immense proportions, to be taken with a pinch of salt - and a handlebar moustache.

The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure is presented as a work in progress run, ahead of further development.


***** 'One of the best trial-run performances I've ever seen'

Views from the Gods

Ian Nicholson
Research and Development Process led and directed by:
Simon Day (with the collaboration of Aitor Basauri)
Devising cast:
Dennis Herdman, Merce Ribot and Patricia Rodriguez
Written and Adapted by
Tiffany Wood

Supported by