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Jukai 樹海

"I came to myself in a dark wood, where the true way was wholly lost" Dante

Tuesday 28 September 2010 - Saturday 16 October 2010

At the base of Mount Fuji lies a stretch of forest known locally as 'The Sea of Trees'. Centuries of secrets lie hidden under the mossy earth, where rivers of lava have hardened over to form the cavernous forest floor. Thousands of people who have entered these woods have never been seen again. Some simply got lost. Others went in intending to disappear…

Theatre Témoin collaborates with Taiko drummers to devise a new piece which incorporates half-mask, contemporary theatre and Japanese traditional music to tell a story about straying from the path.

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Ailin Conant
Lighting Designer
Pablo Fernandez Baz
Costume Designer
Urara Sakurai
Set Designer
Laurence Webb
Dance Choreographer
Bert Roman
Movement Director
Robin Guiver
Fight Choreographer
Ronin Traynor
Devising cast
Nomura Daisuke, Dorie Kinnear, Tomoko Komura, Bradley Wayne Smith & Julia Yevnine
Devising musicians
Ikuyo Conant & Nao Masuda