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The Inhabitants of the Moon are Noses & Diary of a Madman

by In Extremis & Stepping Out in association with Group Z

Tuesday 3 April 2007 - Sunday 29 April 2007

Do noses really live on the moon?

The Inhabitants of the Moon are Noses/Diary of a Madman explores the thin line between imagination & madness, with a double-bill of Nikolai Gogol’s dark, hilarious masterpiece & Steve Hennessy’s new play about Gogol’s life.

Director/Lighting Designer
Andy Burden
Peter Liddiard
Penn O'Gara
Martin Aukland & Julia Gwynne (The Inhabitants of the Moon are Noses), Sebastian Steiger (Diary of a Madman)


‘Hennessy’s use of madcap farce and the poetic quality of his language makes for an intriguing piece, as riveting and baffling as its subject matter’ The Stage