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Ieva Kuniskis-Double Bill

Wednesday 7 May 2014 - Friday 9 May 2014
Post show discussion
Thursday 8th May

Choreographer Ieva Kuniskis creates works of physical storytelling which offer snapshots into other people’s worlds.

Gone To Get Milk

The same walls, the same people, the same incessant landscape make you want to scream for change, yet that same familiarity brings you comfort. And every time you say you're leaving, you are just going to get milk...

Women’s Tales

Four female performers use their personal stories to paint honest self-portraits, offering glimpses into their own lives. Drawing on folklore traditions, the women share these intimate tales, creating a delicate and tense communion reminiscent of the scattered soundtrack of haunting folk voices and fingerpicked guitars.

Photo credits: Judita Kuniskyte


"Engaged and enchanted"

Remote Goat

A delight for the uninitiated as well as for those more knowledgeable

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