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For How Much? / Underfoot


Thursday 10 May 2012 - Saturday 19 May 2012

For How Much

Faceless .... Distorted fingers reaching out to the skies... Spinning coins on the ground... Is this the cost of the goods we buy and consume? Is this the cost we do not have to pay?

Originally commissioned by the International Organisation for Migration U.K. (IOM) as part of their Buy Responsibly campaign, this dance theatre piece takes inspiration from the lives of the people who have worked under forced labour in India, Africa, South America and parts of Europe and from the sculptures by London-based artist May Ayres and her critique of consumerism and capitalism.


Underfoot is an intimate and sideways exploration of that which we share and stand on. Dwelling, shifting and zooming through structures and improvisation.

"The moment one gives up one's verticality, the first thing one discovers is that even the smoothest ground is not flat. The ground is grooved, cracked, cool, painful, hot, smelly, dirty." (Andre Lepecki)


Review in UK Theatre Net

Review in London

Annarita is misspelt and Lina Patterson is another dancer in For How Much (not Underfoot). Underfoot’s cast is just Katja Nyqvist

Choreographer - For How Much?
Annarita Mazzilli
Choreographer - Underfoot
Katja Nyqvist
Andy Higgs
Lighting Designer
Simon McCabe
For How Much? - Morena De Leonardis, Ester Escolano, Nacho Garcia Garoz, Arwen Hobday, Donovan Morris & Lina Pattersson Underfoot - Katja Nyqvist