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Hazmat & Me

by Demonstrate

Tuesday 3 October 2006 - Saturday 14 October 2006

Just after the end of the world, a lonely survivor clings on to better times with a bicycle-powered reading lamp and a dusty old gramophone. He's fed up, he's had enough and he's ready to die.

So it's a shame that his friend Hazmat, an eight-foot radiation suit with a penchant for mischief, is having none of it. Hazmat has a different take on the man's past and won't let him go before he's made to face the truth…

Original score performed live by
Anton Maiof
Devised by
Richard Kingdom, Matt Hill & Ged Matthews
Matt Hill & Ed Birch


"A charmingly quirky (and heart-warming) platonic love story. Both actors are adept at balancing humour with pathos, and succeed in communication a huge amount with a very minimalist script"