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God Cried Woof

by Sebastian Rex Dance Group (Sebastian Rex was awarded a Peggy Ramsey Foundation grant in 2010)

Tuesday 10 November 2009 - Saturday 21 November 2009

"We believed in beauty; we believed in truth; we had morals and we had standards. Nothing. We have nothing! And perhaps that’s the way it should be. Perhaps all this ‘emoting’ distracts us from the truth of the matter – which is that we’re only meant to wait to die."

A daring piece examining our disillusion with things we’ve loved, wanted, believed in and hoped for: the sobering up from our values and faiths. Presenting audiences with a nihilistic world of disenchantment, the work is inspired by and choreographed to Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony in its entirety.

Lisa Bender, Holly Blakey, Kate Chisholm, Aimee Craft, Lisette Foster, Christopher Hall, Sarah Luscombe, Natalia Ould, Naomi Reynolds & Rebecca Sewell


"For dance audiences it [the Blue Elephant] can be an intense experience - especially if you're used to studying abstract geometry from the heights of the upper circle. These are real, powerful, bodies, right in front of you, complete with flesh, discernible faces and flying beads of sweat."
‘Sebastian Rex and company create an evening that engages the senses and coaxes the mind into the fray. Visually equating sex, power, subjugation, joy and despair as equal parts of being human, the company exudes a raw, youthful energy and defiance’ EXTRA! EXTRA!