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The Fantasist

'The Fantasist' was presented at the Blue Elephant last year as a work-in-progress under the title 'Barbe Bleue'.

Tuesday 28 February 2012 - Saturday 17 March 2012

Alone in her room, Louise is desperate to fall asleep. A surprise visitor interrupts her and takes her on a strange journey - through excitement and creativity, horror and destruction - to the forbidden chamber of her own mind.

Theatre Témoin and Cie Traversière use an exciting blend of puppetry, object manipulation, physical theatre, and original music in this zany and sensitive exploration of bipolar disorder, shedding new light on a woman's internal struggle against the swirl of extreme moods.


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Ailin Conant
Puppet Director:
Robin Guiver
Puppets designed & made by:
Julia Yevnine and Katerina Damvoglou
Set design:
Daniel Moss & Giorgio Ritucci
Costume design:
Kirsten Fletcher
Lighting design:
Allan Ramsay
Julia Correa, Cat Gerrard & Julia Yevnine