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Euripides' Hippolytus

by Revolving Doors Theatre

Tuesday 8 April 2008 - Saturday 26 April 2008

A dynamic drama with strong, contemporary issues regarding faith, family and taboo, explored using wonderfully rich characters involved in a complex human story.

Queen Phaedra lies sick with incestuous love for her stepson Hippolytus. Told of her passion by her faithful nurse, Hippolytus rejects her. Pride, shame, lust, revenge, honour and love interweave culminating in a progressively sharp web of lies and unspoken truths that result only in death and tragedy.

Utilising the rhythm, images and language of the text to layer the play with rich movement, music and song, this new version draws out the elements of ritual and ceremony that are inherent in Euripides’s text and structure.

Adapted & directed by
Aaron Paterson
Talulah Mason
Lighting Designer
Jason Kirk
Dimitris Christopoulos, Daniel Curshen, Shakti Edwards, Bodelle de Ronde, James Sutherland, Rachel Webster, Sarit Wilson Chen, Jackson Wright & Roxani Zogana


‘This fast paced, imaginative piece of ensemble theatre leaves little to be desired and should not be missed by anyone.’