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Dr Samuel's Soothing Serum & (In) Formalities

by Silversmith Dance Theatre

A double-bill of new and exciting pieces of dance theatre combining innovatively expressive movement with live trumpet players - and a bunch of quirky characters!

Thursday 6 November 2008 - Saturday 8 November 2008

SILVERSMITH DANCE THEATRE produces innovative and accessible dance theatre through artistic collaborations. The company’s work focuses upon human themes and narratives of a dark comedic nature, merging different movement styles with the theatrical to create thought-provoking contemporary work.

Dr Samuel's Soothing Serum

  • Performers: Lianne Dixon, Danna Kolesarova, Chris Mead, Dusty Payne, Ianthe Wright
  • Choreography: Lorraine Smith & performers
  • Director: Lorraine Smith
  • Composer: Nico Bentley

(In) Formalities

  • Performers: Chris Mead, Dust Payne, Catherine Pinhorn, Fiona Smith
  • Choreography: Lorraine Smith & performers
  • Director: Lorraine Smith
  • Composition/Musical Direction: John Chambers

Fanfares, marches, anthems, speeches and dry coughs…

This piece explores formal events, and the aftermath of when nothing goes to plan!
Relax. Cleanse. Micro-minerals. No more wrinkles. Soothe. Transcend Mortality. Detox. Digestive transit. Refresh. Healing herbal highs. Botox. Bifidus Actiregularis. Believing is feeling. Placebo effect. Revitalise. Empty. Inside.

Lighting designer
Jason Kirk
Associate lighting designer
Pablo Fernandez Baz


"For dance audiences it [the Blue Elephant] can be an intense experience - especially if you're used to studying abstract geometry from the heights of the upper circle. These are real, powerful, bodies, right in front of you, complete with flesh, discernible faces and flying beads of sweat."