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Don Carlos


Tuesday 1 November 2011 - Saturday 26 November 2011

Love, betrayal and revolution...

Often remarked upon as Schiller’s Hamlet, Lazarus Theatre Company visits one of the greatest of the classical European writers in this powerful, dramatic and rousing adaptation.

Betrayed by his own father, King Philip of Spain, Don Carlos is in love with Elizabeth, who through political advantage becomes his father’s wife and Queen. Their desperate love affair is played out against a Spain in the grasp of war, tangled in untruths, corruption and deceit. The revolution of the nation destroys the lovers and the very world they wish to create.

Through the use of text, movement and music, a large ensemble will create a world of passion, conflict and rebellion. Their love will change them, their lives and their kingdom forever.

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Directed and Designed by
Ricky Dukes
Associate Director
Gavin Harrington-Odedra
Movement by
Ria Whitton and Ricky Dukes
Lighting by
Heather Doole
Costume by
Rebecca Mills
Sound Design
Nick Kent
Grace Wessels
Photography by
Adam Trigg Photography
Gemma Beaton, James Billington, Jonathan Blakeley, Alice Brown, Sherine Chalhie, Lewis Davidson, Robin Holden, Ángela Jiménez, Rosemary Lippard, Natalie Neagle, David Palmstrom, Douglas Rutter, Sarah Sparrow, Georgia Taylforth and Rachael Verkuil.