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The Book of Disquiet

Directed by Nicholai La Barrie

Tuesday 14 June 2011 - Saturday 2 July 2011
Post-show discussion
On Tuesday the 22nd of June there was a post show discussion with Professor John London who specializes in performance analysis and the history of theatre.

Listed as one of The Guardian's top 100 books of all time, Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet was discovered in a trunk in his apartment in Lisbon after his death in 1935. Part novel, part memoir, part philosophical meditation on the futility of living, Pessoa’s Livro defies definition and endures as a testament to modernist writing.

Why do I feel strangely drawn to the kind of people I’d usually run a mile from? Religious fundamentalists, for example. At least those guys make an effort. They yearn for what they really don’t know. The rest of us cross the stage as walk-ons, extras, without any lines. Satisfied with the pompous solemnity of the crossing itself.

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The Book of Disquiet Web Page

Translation/adaptation by
Mark O'Thomas
Lighting design by
Pablo Fernandez Baz
Alex Clarke, Sara Lewerth, Gareth Murphy, Emily Wallis