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Blue Elephant Birthday Celebrations - Day 7

Date published
Sunday 7 June 2020

Today we are saying THANK YOU to some of the people who make Blue Elephant what it is!

We’re starting with the team at BET - trustees, volunteers and staff. Thank you!

Picture of the Blue Elephant Trustees
Composite picture of Blue Elephant Theatre staff and volunteers
Composite picture of Blue Elephant Theatre staff and volunteers

We wanted to give out some other awards to some familiar faces at the Blue Elephant.

On this anniversary, we can’t forget that our Chair of Trustees, Chris, has been supporting the Blue Elephant for its entire 21 years. That deserves a lifetime achievement award if anything does.

Thank you Chris! Lifetime Achievement Award

We also have a few people we don’t get to shout about as much as we’d like - two stealthy supporters who are always there when needed.

Duty Manager/Facilitator/Technician/Editor Kome who always has BET’s back and appears unexpectedly all the time just to check on things or to sort something out.

Thank you Kome! BET's Unsung Hero

Trustee Paul who should really have his own seat by now, coming to support our emerging artists and young people and see their work so often. He quietly and consistently supports us, especially in times of difficulty.

Thank you Paul! BET's Unsung Hero