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Blue Elephant Birthday Celebrations - Day 6

Date published
Saturday 6 June 2020

Today we're celebrating the creativity and talent of our Young People's Theatre, which has been going strong for many years.

We want to look to a more positive future so are sharing the thoughts of some of our young people about Blue Elephant. We very much appreciate the time they and their parents took to make these videos for us - as every actor knows, self-tapes aren’t easy!

We also announced the winners of our 21st birthday poster competition, which received so many fantastic entries that picking winners was difficult! Below are the winning entries:

Over 10

Over 10's entry reading 21st anniversary Blue Elephant Theatre, with a blue elephant in a party hat in the centre

Over 10's entry reading Blue Elephant 1999 - 2020 is turning 21, with the Blue Elephant Theatre logo surrounded by bunting

Over 10's entry reading Happy Birthday Blue Elephant Theatre, surrounded by silver ribbons

Under 10 and Digital

Under 10's entry reading Happy 21st Birthday, with a blue elephant on an orange background

Digital entry reading Happy 21st Birthday with a image of an elephant coloured blue on the left hand side

Under 10's entry reading Blue Elephant Theatre 21, with a drawing of a blue elephant and a birthday cake

Finally, we think this poster deserves a special commendation for the wonderful poem!

Entry reading Happy Birthday Blue Elephant Theatre!!! Beneath is an outline of en elephant, with a poem inside: If you enjoy acting come on down, The Blue Elephant will lift your frown! We're celebrating 21 years, look how far we've come, making great plays and having loads of fun