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Art in the Balkans - Pedalo

by Nenad Velickovic

Wednesday 26 October 2005 - Saturday 12 November 2005

Two couples from Sarajevo are spending their holiday on the Croatian coast. The war in Bosnia is now part of the past, but the bombing of Serbia still lingers. One morning, they hire a pedal boat and venture away from the coast line. Something breaks and the pedal boat floats towards the open sea...

The emptiness ahead transforms them, bringing out selfishness, aggression, fear of death, desire to control, betrayal and the incapability for love... the war is again present but without a uniform, its tentacles reaching out to strangle humanity.

Directed by
Maja Milatovic-Ovadia
Mamoru Iriguchi(Winner of Best Design, Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2009)
Music & Sound Designer
Daniel Biro
Lighting Designer
Ben Pacey
Gaby Crewe-Read, Evie Dawnay, David Haworth & Alan Marni