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Art in the Balkans - Dead Man's Coat

by Hajdana Baletić

Wednesday 16 November 2005 - Saturday 3 December 2005

Vera lives in an apartment in post-war Belgrade. She is bullied by Nenad, who claims the missing owner, Jovan, is presumed dead and the apartment is his by right as it had been snatched from his grandfather by the ‘communists’ in the first place. Then a man returns home. He is the keeper of a terrible secret.

Apart from a dead man’s coat, everything else seems unreal, like a dream, like a nightmare. After the war, the abyss, the void.

Directed by
Antonio Ribeiro
Mamoru Iriguchi(Winner of Best Design, Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2009 for Mincemeat)
Music & Sound Designer
Daniel Biro
Lighting Designer
Ben Pacey
Steven Anstee, Gigi Burgdorf, Kristina Erdely, Christopher Kinread & Alan Marni


"A poignant reminder of how the effects of war ripple on long after the cessation of hostilities" The Stage