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Charity number: 1077161

Company number: 3724349


Angels Don't Dance

by NEFELI productions

Tuesday 17 October 2006 - Saturday 4 November 2006

In the psychiatric unit of a large urban hospital, Dr Jones conducts a first interview with Jamie:

"Am I broken?"
"I think you are"
"You see the cracks?"

But things are not so straightforward. Unseen to Jones, Jamie is shadowed by Angella, a second personality you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy…

A practising psychiatrist, Brockman’s play is based on true accounts. His work was included in the Samuel French Best Short Plays of 2001 & 2005.

Mirra Bank
Set Designer
Jamie Warner
Lighting Designer
Giuliano Bocca
Sound Designer
Timothy Gill
Costume Designer
Natasha Ward
Lucy Aitken, Will Chitty, Juliet Oldfield, Christian Olliver & Iris Veneti


"Richard Brockman's play contains moments of sheer brilliance, insight and imagination when dealing with Jamie's story. There are episodes of self-discovery that quite rightly deserve him the title of psychopoetic writer, with beautifully crafted denouement and well chosen metaphors" The Stage