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After They Left & Rumpelstiltskin

by Silversmith Dance Theatre

Two exciting and fresh pieces of dance theatre combining innovatively expressive movement with live electronic, instrumental, and environmental sounds created by award-winning composer John Chambers.

Thursday 13 December 2007 - Saturday 15 December 2007

SILVERSMITH DANCE COMPANY produces innovative and accessible dance theatre through artistic collaborations. The company’s work focuses upon human themes and narratives of a dark comedic nature, merging different movement styles with the theatrical to create thought-provoking contemporary work.

After They Left

A woman feels that her house and its memories are too painful, so she decides to move on... and live in her garden for a while. Come and peek over the fence as she is left to ponder on her loneliness, and indulge in her imagination and environment.


This classic Grimm Brothers tale is re-told through dark physical imagery and atmospheric music. Two dancers and four musicians conjure a world of power, greed, and sinister magic. A world in which a living thing is more precious than any treasure.