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35 Cents

by Crying in the Wilderness Productions

A Political Satire Written & Directed by Paul Anthony Morris (Winner of the 2009 Adopt a Playwright Award)

Tuesday 8 May 2007 - Saturday 26 May 2007
Supported by
Arts Council England

It's election time on the romantic Caribbean island of Jamaica. The campaign has, however, been completely overwhelmed by extreme apathy & disillusionment.

Fatigued by the ever increasing levels of poverty, debt & corruption, a new student organization called the 'No Confidence Movement' emerges in an attempt to lead the electorate on a national boycott of the general elections. With various bilateral and multinational interests now at stake, a US-led military invasion is initiated to neutralize growing support for the boycott. It is from within this cauldron that the students of the 'No Confidence Movement' take us on a frenetic journey that will ultimately determine the political future of their island .

Clary Salandy
Lighting Designer
Giuseppe di Iorio
Carol Mae Whittick
Julie Hewlett, Irma Inniss, Vinta Morgan, Anthony Ofoegbu & Mo Sesay


‘Fluid, fast-and-loose theatre, that asks questions none of us can avoid: are power & principle mutually exclusive?’ Time Out