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Welcome Goodbye/Adeus Obrigada - Drama: Five Shipwrecks & a Twilight (Cinco Naufrágios e um Crepúsculo)

by Cão Solteiro

Bringing together Portuguese visual artists and companies that share references to tourism, migration and new geographies.

Wednesday 24 May 2006 - Saturday 27 May 2006
Supported by
the Calouste Gulbenkian

Based on texts by Austro-Hungarian dramatist Odon Von Horvath, Eugene O’Neill & others, Drama by Cão Solteiro weaves together people and places - both disparate and linked - like pieces of a jigsaw: the drowned, the hanged, the Devil, spectres, unborn children, old English songs and sharks… All come together under the black veil of night, at twilight…

Miguel Loureiro
Set design
Nuno Carinhas
Mariana Sá Nogueira
Paula Sá Nogueira & Paulo Lages