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Wednesday 18 November 2015 - Saturday 21 November 2015

Through visceral movement, subtle theatricality and an eclectic musical score for electric guitar, we follow the lives of three people that are violently intertwined by a sudden collision in a mysterious crossroad. Despite their efforts to dismiss the incident as trivial and break free from the situation, an unexpected dialogue emerges and a web of interactions between them is woven. What was seen as an obstacle becomes an opportunity for recollection and the crossroad the setting for a unique bond to develop. Is this a trivial encounter or one that will change their course forever?

Harnessing the power of movement, visual art and sound, ‘Trivialis’ is a tale outside of specific time and place that explores the possibility for connection and intimacy in unexpected moments, contexts and against all odds.

When choreography says it all, it is beautiful. Clair Cohen - Resolution Round-Up 2015

Choreographer Chloe Aliyanni makes both theatre-based and site sensitive work at the heart of which lies the relationship between movement, music, light, space and narrative. Her approach to dance making is influenced by the sounds, myths and rituals of her Greek heritage, her contemporary dance and visual arts background as well as the desire to look beyond the individual and into the collective. Her aim is to create accessible and thoughtful dance performances, looking for original movement vocabulary, sound and set while challenging what dance and movement can communicate as non-verbal mediums.


Trivialis is a captivating hour of original dance and music, delivered by some very talented performers.

Views from the Gods

Chloe Aliyanni
Stelios Kyriakidis
Tania Azevedo
Rehearsal Director
Markella Kefallonitou
Lighting designer
Anna Sbokou
Jonathan Caruana, Savina Casarin, Morrighan MacGillivray, Stelios Kyriakidis