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In the Surface of a Bubble

Tuesday 8 July 2014 - Saturday 12 July 2014

Inspired by animé and martial arts films, In The Surface Of A Bubble uses puppetry, half-masks, capoeira, kung-fu and live music to tell a tale of how the universe came to be. In a world where beings need only imagine something for it to come true, a love develops between the girl with the most imagination and the boy with the least. Their story turns their world into ours, where dreams are trapped inside our heads.


"What is best about this piece is the sheer creativity and, indeed, imagination that has been born from it"

Remote Goat

"An eruption of furious, ebullient and unbridled imagination"

West End Wilma

Writer and Director
Edward Day
Costume Designer
Polly Clare Boon
Lighting Designer
Oscar Wyatt
Edward Day, Amelie Leroy, Adam Cridland and Line Møllerchristensen

Supported by

  • Arts Council England