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Sticky Tape

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Sticky Tape follows a young woman, Brolly, who has experienced a sudden, life altering bereavement and her journey after losing her mother. Based on true life events and using verbatim text, Moon On A Stick will be combine puppetry, movement, live soundscapes and artistic design to develop the project. Inspired by watercolour painting and charcoal illustration, Sticky Tape will take Brolly’s previous reality and explore how it changes in this forever altered world.

Featuring intricate life-size puppetry, the project will look at the contradictions that lie within loss by presenting stark reality next to extraordinary fantasy. How life can be both truly beautiful and utterly ugly and how we might live, held between these things.

Sticky Tape is Moon On A Stick’s first production for an adult audience having toured successfully with many Arts Council England Supported family shows. Moon On A Stick aim to create a fresh, stunningly visual piece with a moving and personal story at its heart. Join us for this scratch performance and feedback session.

Tickets are FREE but should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment - available here.